Phil Baroni calls out ‘whiney b*tch’ CM Punk

‘The New York Bad Ass’ Phil Baroni called out CM Punk last night with a series of tweets and instagram posts poking fun at the pro-wrestler’s troubles with former employer WWE.

phil 1

phil 2

Alan’s Angle: This is one of those fights that would actually make sense for Punk. Not saying that Punk would do well but Baroni provides a big enough name and less of a risk, although he could very well destroy Punk.

It is hard to gauge Punk’s level but one must assume that he is amateur level. Yeah he may know a bit of BJJ and might have done some other martial arts training in the past but that doesn’t always translate to MMA well.

38-year-old Baroni is 2-8 in his past 10 fights and in his last outing, a first round TKO loss to Karo Parisyan, he looked a shadow of his former self. I am not saying Baroni is washed-up, I am a fan, there is always a chance he can turn things around and that goes for any fighter but it seems as if he done.

You can’t match Punk against an in-prime fighter because the level difference would be embarrassing so that is why a fighter like Phil Baroni might very well work.

Punk has yet to respond.

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