Bellator interested in Brock Lesnar and CM Punk

It has been no secret that since Scott Coker was brought into Bellator that the free agent market for fighters was blown right open. And with Bellator’s parent company being Viacom, one of the wealthiest organisations in the world, it seems that no fighter seems out of Bellator’s reach.

This includes the former UFC champ current WWE king Brock Lesnar and the estranged former champ of WWE CM Punk. In speaking with Coker expressed an interest in the above mentioned fighters while reiterating Bellator’s potential in luring fighters towards the promotion.

“There’s not a fighter on this planet that if the value was there, we couldn’t take,” he said before being quizzed on whether they could lure Lesnar. “My understanding is that he’s still under contract with the WWE and he’d like to focus on that. When the time is right, and he’s a free agent, then we’ll sit down and talk with him, but for now, there haven’t been any specifics outlined for a deal.”

One whether they have an interest in CM Punk.

“Yeah, I would say this: if there’s a fighter that can move the needle for us, drive ratings, help the international television broadcast, help bring in sponsorships and put people in seats, then we’re all in. Whether it’s Punk or some other fighter or wrestler that wants to make the transition at some point, we’re going to be here and ready to talk to anybody when they’re free to have that discussion.”

Alan’s Angle: This should come as no surprise to anyone. Every promotion in the world would love to get Lesnar or Punk, whether they are legitimate fighters or not one must respect the potential drawing power that either would bring. It is an ‘ass in seats’ business don’t forget.

I think Bellator signing Brock is more likely to happen simply because the chances of Punk actually having an MMA is much slimmer than Brock leaving WWE and coming back to MMA. Also having read Brock’s book and listening to stories regarding his life choices it is clear as day that he is all about looking after himself and his family first and foremost. So if Bellator outbid the UFC for Brock by a lot I would not put it past the man to accept their offer. Exciting times ahead!

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