War Machine left Ken Shamrock’s 17-year-old daughter in Mexico

I came across a video this morning where Ken Shamrock was asked about War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver and he came out with a rather surprising story. After admitting he “started Jon” and “broke him in in San Diego” the UFC Hall of Famer told a story regarding War Machine and his then 17-year-old daughter.

“I had issues with him. My 17-year-old daughter, Jon was like twenty-something-years-old, he took her to Mexico and left her over there. And then he ended up disappearing and I haven’t seen him since, he has always been hiding from me because he knows if I catch him I’ll break his neck.”

Shamrock went on to give his thoughts on War Machine and his problems in a surprisingly level-headed fashion given the story regarding his own daughter he just told.

“He has always had an issue with this and the guy needs help. He doesn’t need to be doing this on his own, he needs to be supported by the core and put him into some sort of rehab where he starts understanding. Because it doesn’t have anything to do with him naturally, it has to do with him out partying and doing things he shouldn’t be doing. He needs help, they need to get him in off the street.”

Check out the video below and hear Shamrock’s thoughts along with that of Rashad Evans and Wanderlei Silva.

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