Thiago Silva cleared of all charges!

In the world where War Machine dominates the news headlines for MMA controversy you will be forgiven if you don’t remember 2014’s original MMA domestic abuse case which has just legally come to an end.

MMA fighter Thiago Silva has had all charges against him dropped by the judge of his case. You may remember the incident in February that lead to him having a standoff against SWAT who ultimately tasered & subdued the Brazilian.

Silva allegedly showed up at Pablo Popovitch’s gym, who at the time was apparently seeing Silva’s estranged wife Thaysa Kamiji, in Florida with a gun and had an altercation with the pair.

According to he faced charges of aggravated assault and battery, sending threatening texts, and resisting arrest without violence as a result of the incident, however a representative from the Broward County State Attorney’s Office stated to that the case was ultimately thrown out as “the victim (Kamiji) was uncooperative, and investigators determined that she has likely moved out of the country.”

After the incident occurred Dana White immediately cut the 31-year-old former title challenger and was quick to say that he will never fight for the UFC again. However, now that he has been legally declared as an “innocent man” it remains to be seen whether the UFC will uphold White’s declaration.

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