What did Bisping gain from his win?

Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping, the UFC’s long-time poster boy for the UK who helped the promotion gain a foothold on fans that side of the pond. A member of the roster for over eight years now the 35-year-old holds a number of records in the UFC.

MMAJunkie.com released an article last week listing a host of records held by Bisping and after his win over Le at UFC Fight Night 48 he now holds more, most notably he now becomes the most winningest fighter (15 victories) in the UFC never to get a title shot. Also with this win over Cung Le it becomes his only win over an active UFC fighter.

But what does Bisping gain from it?

He is in a tough situation. A lot of focus in on the fact he has never fought for the title and is one the lead members of the UFC’s ‘nearly men’. Most people will view him as a high level fighter and many would have selected him to get the win over Le but many will also say that Le is a 42-year-old who hasn’t competed in nearly two years.

Bisping got the win but overall he doesn’t gain much. But this win can act as the perfect foundation for one last title push. He has alternated between wins and losses for the past six fights, he really needs to get back in there and build off this win.

People are right to have their doubts and retractions about Bisping and his record but ‘The Count’ has the ball in his court. He done what he should have done against Le and now he has the chance to prove the doubters wrong by facing a higher calibre opponent in his next fight.

Who next?

In my opinion Bisping is two wins away from a title shot. I believe he should fight someone who is lingering around the top ten mark such as CB Dolloway or Costas Philippou, a win over either of these fighters at present time would be very credible, before taking on someone in the top 5.

But more than likely Bisping will face Luke Rockhold next given their rocky history and exchanges over social media. You couldn’t blame the UFC for making this matchup as it would result in fan interest, ‘strike while the iron is hot’ as they say.


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