Tommy Quinn talks return, Lewis Long, beards & dancing

This weekend we will see the return of Irish welterweight Tommy Quinn (6-1). It has been 18 months since we last saw him in action and this weekend he takes on Lewis Long (9-3) for the vacant European title in the ‘Made 4 The Cage’ promotion.

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Quinn about a number of topics including the fight this weekend, his beard, training at Bad Boy and more.

Alan Murphy: You have been out of action for a while. How has the mental approach been turning back on and getting back into fight mode?

Tommy Quinn: I’m always training so I’m always improving. I had an injury last year which set me back a while. I probably would have been back sooner only I didn’t rest sufficiently and continuing on. Getting back into fight mode is never easy, it’s training harder, more frequently whilst on a caloric deficit diet. A 23kg weight cut never helps lol.

AM: You train primarily at the Bad Boy centre in Newcastle. Walk us through what it is like training there.

TQ: The facilities are definitely the best in the north east and some of the best in the country. The training partners are even better. Look at those who regularly attend our sessions, Ross Pearson (top 15 in the world) , Davey Grant (UFC bantamweight), Andrew Fisher (Bellator vet), Phil De Fries (UFC vet), Curt Warburton (UFC Vet), Colin Fletcher (UFC vet), Ryan Roddy (7-1), Alex Endlund (CWFC World Champ), James Mulherron top ranked UK heavyweight, Richy Knox (M4TC European LHW) champ and many more. That has to be the strongest squad in the country…the infamous NEVT!

AM: You are fighting Lewis Long this weekend. What are your thoughts on him and the fight this weekend?

TQ: Lew is a civil lad, likes to fight, good grappler, decent striker, what more can I say? The fight starts standing where I feel I have the advantage and expect to see my hands flying at a ferocious pace.

AM: You proposed ‘The Quinn Agreement’ to Long, what was the feedback? Will it happen?

TQ: I sure did, but he didn’t accept it. But it will be accepted and delivered one of these days. Just because he hasn’t accepted it, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

AM: How has the whole Cage Warriors situation affected you, if at all, from a professional standpoint?

TQ: It hasn’t really affected me too much. Luckily enough I’ve been granted a 1 fight pass and Dale gave me a fantastic opportunity which I jumped at the chance. Hopefully the Cage Warriors dilemma is rectified as it is a tremendous platform and the staff treated me greatly so I’d love to be back on their show.

AM: Moving away from the fight game. You grew a tremendous beard long before it was ‘cool’. What are your thoughts on this current hipster trend of beard growing?

TQ: Haha, yeah every Tom, Dick and Harry has a beard now but not everybody can carry a beard. I started growing mine properly before I went to Oz in 2013 and came back and they were trendy. I don’t mind it too much because I looked like the cutting edge of fashion and it’s done me alright with the women too which isn’t shabby. The only thing is I still work the doors and every weekend without fail I hear “look it’s that Irish UFC fighter” or “you look like Conor McGregor” which gets a bit tedious but I’ll make do.

AM: We saw a slow-mo vid of you recently doing a sort of hip swaying dance. Can you give us some context to that clip?

TQ: I was feeling a bit sick of training and was on the edge of over training so off to Marbella, Spain I went with a few of my mates. Those who know me know I like to throw out a few shapes, just ask Paul Redmond, I danced that man off the floor in Dublin…that’s gospel!

AM: Thanks very much for your time, Tommy.

TQ: Cheers. Everyone can follow me on Twitter @tommyq89 and my Facebook Page.

(title image via the Bad Boy training centre website)

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