German fighter Nick Hein comments on McGregor’s ‘N-Bomb’

German MMA fighter Nick Hein (11-1) is in action this weekend against James Vick at UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs. Edgar. Being German it was only a matter of time before he was asked to weigh in on the recent McGregor controversy in which the Irishman called Dennis Siver a ‘Nazi’ on twitter before deleting the tweet.

Speaking with our friends over at Hein had the following to say:

“He overstepped the line there definitely. He realized that himself and apologized. But with apologies it is like in a relationship. If you betray somebody once, the mirror is broken forever, even if that somebody forgives you. What Conor said didn’t happen in the heat of the moment, he wrote it on Twitter with enough time to think about it first. I am sure he had history lessons in school, so he should know better. Now Dennis will take him on and who knows, maybe that whole problem will solve itself?”

This weekend will mark the 30-year-old’s second appearance in the UFC after winning his debut in Berlin earlier this year. He heads into this weekend on an impressive 7-fight-unbeaten-steak. Speaking about his opponent James Vick’s confidence the German was quick to shoot that down.

“He was bragging about beating me. Wait until Saturday James, I will teach you better! The Germans didn’t come to Texas for vacation, trust me.”

Alan’s Angle: This isn’t the last time I expect Hein to be asked this in the coming days. His response was classy but you could sense his anger of it all. Too the masses out there the insult might not mean much but trust me it is, especially to a German. I said before I doubt McGregor meant it in such a horrible way but he should have known better.

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