End of year Report: KSW

So Cage Warriors, ACB, and BAMMA have all received their WHOA TV end of year appraisals. With KSW 41 now in the books it seems timely to hand the mixed martial arts promotion its report card for the year.

KSW’s landmark event, KSW 39 – Colosseum, will go down as the standard bearer by which MMA promotions, regardless of where they are based on the planet, should seek to emulate. In creating an event of this magnitude that drew an audience in excess of 58,000 people, with fights that were both compelling and inriguing, KSW are now faced with the unenviable task of topping what quite simply is one of the greatest shows put on in Europe in the history of the sport.

If there were an aspect to KSW’s game that the promotion should raise it would be the amount of times it actually shows up every year. They put on three shows (four if you count their ‘Live in Studio’ event) but I can imagine its roster would like to be busier and I can guarantee fans of the promotion would like to watch more events the calibre of which puts KSW at the top of its class.

Social Interaction
The gold standard as far as interaction with media is concerned, KSW is a promotion keen to interact with media from all walks of life. KSW know how to engage with journalists providing access to social media assets to outlets who are invariably under resourced at times allowing them to build fights and tell their unique back stories.

KSW heavily invest in social interaction with fans both on and off line. Given the size of the team behind the promotion they are able to present a big feel to each and every fight card they put on.

Some like it, some loathe the freakshow aspect of KSW’s fight cards and it perhaps may not sit well with purists but fans can’t get enough and KSW have not missed a trick here by making these fighters centre piece of regular meet and greets and having them sit within arms reach of fans cage side.

Attention To Detail
They are leaders when it comes to presenting what amounts to a very cleverly marketed and highly polished product. They do, however, need to attend to the accessibility of their product with some urgency. Many have struggled in the past to access their online pay per view offering and it appears to be an on going issue.

Overall Mark A++
KSW are the number one Mixed Martial Arts promotion in Europe whose quality is a testament to the powerhouse team behind what effectively is a close nit gang of individuals who live and breathe the brand. 2018 is an opportunity for the promotion to fix the issues which stand in the way of KSW being a near flawless mixed martial arts promotion.

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