End of year Report: Cage Warriors

With the end of 2017 in sight we at WHOA TV thought it would be timely to compile a series of end of year reports detailing the prowess this year of MMA’s ‘cools schools’. The criteria for inclusion are simple they must have put on at least four shows within Europe. With that in mind let’s start with Cage Warriors.

Cage Warriors, who undoubtably held the status of ‘Head Boy’ before its prolonged hiatus has had a great year showing up and putting on all of its scheduled fight cards. The promotion is fast gaining the confidence of fighters that as an organisation its intention is to keep athletes busy with consistent well attended shows. Even though the promotion has yet to reach the heady heights of its previous work rate it is still head and shoulders above most of its competitors in the productivity stakes by virtue of the fact it regularly shows up.

Social Development:
The promotion has a great mix of both social media interaction with fans and behind the scenes keeping the media in tune with its forthcoming fight cards and results from events within minutes of them coming to an end. Cage Warriors are seasoned communicators. The promotion has cornered a niche where fights are put on for purists, there is less razzle dazzle and more emphasis on matchmaking fights that fans are keen to see that are based on merit. To rework a well worn phrase previously used by Bellator really sums up Cage Warriors approach to its bouts,in short: ‘titles are earned rather than gifted’. All of this strengthens Cage Warriors’ social appeal and ability to provide a refreshing alternative.

Attention to detail:
Of all Cage Warriors’ attributes this would be the area they need to develop the most in the coming months. Whether it’s the uninspiring walk outs, lighting or varying standard of its pre-fight promos Cage Warriors production values do need work. Fight Night does tend to lack the gravitas and higher end production details found in its competitors. Whist in the scheme of things these are minor issues this attention to detail would undoubtably enhance the overall offering in terms of aesthetics.

Overall Mark: B++
Cage Warriors have had an incredible year despite high profile pull outs and changes to its fight card. Its a year to be proud of and one which the promotion will undoubtedly build on in 2018. Super Saturday and its welcome return in February of next year is a sure sign the incremental steps Cage Warriors have made will turn into a full on sprint giving their competitors a run for their money.

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