Cyborg vs. Rousey’s Mam on Twitter

Last weekend was arguably collectively the biggest weekend in the history of women’s mixed martial arts. Women featured in the main and co-main event of a UFC for the very first time.

Ronda Rousey defended her title in record time, former world boxing champ Holly Holm made her UFC debut, and over at Invicta Cyborg defended her title in less than one minute.

With rivals Rousey and Cyborg both winning their respective fights, naturally a lot of focus was put on them fighting. It is the fight everyone wants to see. Both women are dominating in each of their fights so convincingly that finding compelling fights is harder to come by.

Both UFC 184 and Invicta 11 were in Los Angeles this past weekend so this allowed Cyborg to fight on the Friday night and attend the UFC on the Saturday. After the event the Brazilian cheekily tweeted at Rousey but got a fantastic reply from Rousey’s mam, Dr. Ann Maria, before responded with a good comeback herself. Check the tweets out below:

cyborg twitter 1




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