Ronda Rousey makes quick work of Cat Zigano

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey needed just 14 seconds to dispose of Cat Zingano when the two met in the main event of the UFC 184 pay per view.

Rousey scored the quickest win of her eleven fight professional mixed martial arts career which was also the fastest victory in a UFC Title fight ever.

The challenger Zigano, threw a flying knee then followed it up with a headlock as she looked to take Ronda down to the ground. But in trying to do so left herself vulnerable to the Champion’s strongest arsenal, judo. Ronda was able to reverse the position and get to Zigano’s back. Ronda was able to then secure an arm and set up a straight armbar which left Zigano with no other option than to tap.

While the fast opening inevitably became Zigano’s downfall, Ronda said in her post fight interview that she had expected nothing less from the challenger. “We were expecting that she might just come out and do something flying at me right away.”

So who is next for Ronda? “I was impressed by Holly Holm tonight. I’ve always liked to test myself against that level of striking. Bethe Correia, she’s undefeated, I’d like to take that 0 away from her.”

Tony’s Thought’s;

In a division in which Ronda has inevitably cleaned house there isn’t much in the way of Title ready contenders to put up against her. While she mentioned Holly Holm, there is no way they could throw her into the title picture off of the back of one, split decision victory in the promotion. They possibly have something to run with in Bethe Correia who has defeated two of Ronda’s teammates and has called for a shot at the gold. Correia, like Ronda is undefeated and so there is certainly some traction to be had there.

But for me though the only fight I really will get excited for is Ronda Vs Cyborg. Now there seems to be a lot of barriers in the way for us to see this one come through though. Number one is Cyborg making the successful drop to 135lbs. The UFC would not in my eyes let her first crack at 135lbs be for the title and so if she wants this fight to happen will need to evidence that she is able to make the drop first before getting a shot. So that leaves Ronda on the side-lines for a bit and so I genuinely think they will give her someone from within the promotion in the meantime.

For me Ronda is just a special athlete and she continues to evolve and get better. One of the most impressive traits is her ability to make her challengers do stupid stuff. There is no way that in a non-title fight Zigano would have come flying out and throw a flying knee, I mean what was she expecting?

The UFC are in a tricky place and with so few contenders ready to step up to the plate Correia may be the next one to get a shot!

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