Ben Askren invites Nick Diaz to ONE FC

‘Funky’ Ben is at it again. The outspoken welterweight and ONE FC champ has once again tried to rub salt into the wounds of the UFC.

The Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva fight was supposed to be a monumental night for the UFC but now it will be  known as an infamous occasion for the promotion as it was revealed that both fighters have failed drug tests, Silva for steroids and Diaz for marijuana metabolites.

This is the third time that Nick Diaz has failed drug tests for marijuana metabolites under the UFC banner. The first time he received a 6 month ban, then he received a 12 month ban and it is now looking likely that he will receive an even longer ban, possibly 24 months. But this ban would have no jurisdiction to Diaz should he compete in Asia. In steps Ben Askren as the wrestler tweeted an invitation to Nick to come join ONE FC.

ben askren diaz

Alan’s Angle: This might not seem too crazy. A long time ban could force Diaz over to ONE FC in order for him to compete and make money. There are very little alternatives for Diaz and the Asian promotion would offer an ideal opportunity to Diaz. Also the thought of Diaz fighting under the rules set by ONE FC is appealing in itself for fans.

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