Anderson Silva, Jake Shields and Palhares all punished.

It was an eventful day at the Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing yesterday as a number of MMA’s top stars had to stand in front of the board to go over their recent actions.

Jake Shields and Rousimar Palhares fought at WSOF recently with the Brazilian walking away with the win. However, once again he held onto the submission way too long and seemingly raked the eyes of Shields throughout the fight. When he did finally let go Shields lashed out and punched him after the bell. As a direct result WSOF stripped Palhares of the title and suspended him indefinitely.

Jake Shields- temporary suspension, pending hearing.
Rousimar Palhares- temporary suspension, pending hearing.

Now onto Anderson Silva. The former middleweight champ failed tests surrounding his fight with Nick Diaz early this year and had six months to build a case to defend himself. But ultimately he had nothing other than ‘sexual performance medication’ as the reason for his high levels of multiple banned substances.

One year ban, dated back to January 31st, a $380,000 fine and overturned his win over Nick Diaz to a no-contest.

Alan’s Angle: I expect Palhares to receive a ban and/or suspension while Shields should get off with a relative slap on the wrists. Shields acted on emotion and lashed out to what Palhares was doing to him illegally, which is totally different than what happened with Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck.

Anderson Silva got lucky. The $380,000 is a small amount for him and he is not allowed compete until February 2016 which is not far away at all. Adequate time for the UFC to set up a return fight and for Silva to go through a full camp.

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