You don’t know Jack: BAMMA 15

This is perhaps Jack Grant’s biggest fight to date as the undefeated star is set to take on Jefferson George in a Lightweight bout. Jack Grant is currently 6-0 and so far his biggest performance of his career came when he took on and knocked out Jason “Daddy Cool” Ball. BAMMA 15 will provide Jack with the big stage which he has been working towards and also give his name a boost across the UKMMA scene.

TQ – This is arguably your biggest test in your career to date. Being so close to fight night can you talk us through your plans for the next week?

JG – It will the biggest show I have competed on but that doesn’t concern me, I am happy to fight. My plans for this week are just keeping active and preparing to make weight.

TQ – Your opponent Jefferson George has a very hit and miss record coming into the fight 3-2. How closely have you followed Jefferson’s career if at all? And what do you make of your opponent?

JG – His record is what it is and in his last outing he seemed to still be in the fight, however due to a cut it had to be stopped always an unfortunate occurrence but it’s part of the game I have not followed him in his career but i have watched a few fights of his, I think he is very athletic and a well rounded.

TQ – Your last fight was on 1st March for OMMAC in Liverpool stepping in to replace the injured Tim Newman. Do you feel you have had enough time to fully recover from that fight before jumping into this one on 5th April?

JG – I was suppose to fight Tim Newman on the OMMAC show but unfortunately he had a finger injury it was a fight I really wanted, however I got given a new opponent and see my record to 6-0. I left that fight injury free and continued training, then the 5th of April got mentioned I was more than happy to compete again.

TQ – You jumped into that fight and were successful in stopping Abi El Kalphi by submission to take your record to 6-0. Prior to that you also picked up a win over Jason “Daddy Cool” Ball who is definitely no slouch and is very well respected on the UKMMA scene. How much confidence did it give you to not only beat Jason but to stop him?

JG – I was happy to take the fight my team and coach all believed I would stop Jason ball, i didn’t think i would catch him so early but I had no plans on  going 5 rounds, I knew I could stop him. I felt underestimated by him witch motivated me even more and did the job.

TQ – And since beating Jason has it been easier to get fights and do you feel that people are starting to take a more keen interest in your progress and career?

JG – People are definitely taking more interest in my career, as for getting matched up there are no problems.

TQ – So far you are undefeated on the pro scene but you did suffer a couple of losses at amateur level. What did you learn from those losses and do you feel that they have helped to shape you as a professional mixed martial artist?

JG – I just see my 14-1-2 amateur career as the past, I learnt a lot about myself, I was 18 when I had my first loss it really helped me become a stronger person. My apprenticeship is over and I am now a different fighter, and my game is getting stronger all the time.

TQ – How is your weight just a week away from weigh ins and what does your daily food plan look like right now?

JG – My diets good these past few months, been eating all the right foods, feeling healthy and good. I weigh 79kilo but i am lowering my intake and training preparing to reach my cut weight for this fight.

TQ – What will be your first cheat meal Saturday night following the fight?

JG – My first cheat meal after my fight is a hard choice but I have been craving a birthday cake, so I might take a trip to Tesco and buy one after the fight.

TQ – You fight out of the Fight Ministry in Grimsby. Can you give us any tips on who to keep our eyes on emerging from that gym?

JG – We have many good fighters to mention but the ones that are professional and active, Andy Craven, Louis Chapman, and of course there are the amateur fighters, Mohammad Abdul-Hawa and Mark Thompson who are both competed at Doncaster on the CSFC card on the 29th of March.

TQ – I know that a huge part of your success can be put down to the motivation and drive that your coach Neil Lofts gives you. How important do you feel it is to establish for fighters to establish this kind of relationship early on in their career and how has it helped you?

JG – Since I set foot in the gym Neil Lofts has been great taking the time to help me improve my skills and teaching me, I think it’s important to have respect and trust in the people that teach you and that’s why I have been having such good success because of my team and coaches.

TQ – Finally is there anyone to thank or mention?

JG – Neil Lofts Fight Ministry head Coach, Stuart Fleet my boxing coach and master of SkinnyPower! Neil White Doncaster Martial Arts Centre, and of course my teams mates, friends and family.

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