Fight day is nearly here. I don’t really think about the fight until fight day. I am not training for a certain guy, I am training to fight. I’ll adjust to my opponent naturally on the night. My mind is purely on making weight. I have been flying since Wednesday night (Australia time) and I landed Thursday afternoon (Irish time) with a stopover in Dubai.

First bit of business is make some weight, second bit of business is have some dinner and then wake-up feeling good on Saturday to punch Jack Mason in the face! After weigh-ins I like to eat pretty much the same foods I eat cutting down. Stick to my white meats, rice, veggies etc but I am guilty of sneaking out for a midnight cheeseburger! Get some fats back into the body.

My coach Fiore is coming over with Damien Brown, who is fighting on the card too. Brown will come out and help corner me after he wins his fight. Hopefully he is not too beat up. I’ve also got a few buddy’s coming in for the fight too. One lives in Ireland and then mates from London, Australia, Iceland and maybe from the Netherlands too coming in for the fight. We all use to live in a house in Queensland together, so it will be awesome to get to see everyone again.

Back to the fight, I can’t wait! It is gonna be on. Really excited to fight, I know I’ll be smiling walking out to that cage. I feel good about everything. Last time I was going into fights with injuries, I tore my hamstring a week out so I had to cut weight in the sauna and didn’t get to finish training properly, so this time I feel so much better.

I have heard recently that Cathal Pendred vacated the belt. Well after I beat Mason and those two boys are finished playing in Denmark I will be coming for my belt, it is already mine but I am glad that either Dalby or Churilov will get to mind it for me.

Hope you all come see Jack Mason get KO’d in The Helix on Saturday night!

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(Photo: Dolly Clew | Cage Warriors)
(Photo: Dolly Clew | Cage Warriors)

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