So tomorrow is the “big” announcement that Georges St-Pierre will be making at a press conference in Quebec. What to expect? Well there has been numerous speculations as to what GSP will announce and whether or not it will be a major revelation regarding his future or not.

All has been fairly quiet on the GSP front, apart from a couple of TMZ rumours, since his controversial win over Johny Hendricks and his bizarre words at UFC 167 less than a month ago.

Dana White however seemed to brush the press conference off as no-biggie saying, “this thing was planned for months. He’s going to the opening of a mall and he’s signing autographs for fans. I’m not saying he might not have something to say…he might, but it’s no crazy announcement like everyone was saying.”

Regardless of White’s words we will still let our imagination run wild on what GSP will announce.

Here are a number of theories that has been passed around on the ol’ interweb;
1. He reveals he is having a baby.
2. Says he is not impressed with Mark Hunt’s and Bigfoot’s performance.
3. Announces a re-match with Johny Hendricks.
4. Will retire from MMA.
5. Has a brain fart and forgets where he is.
6. Will join Shaun Ryder on the History channel TV show “Shaun Ryder on UFO’s”.
and my personal favourite…
7. GSP reveals he is an alien and needs to return to his home planet.

Regardless, tomorrows press-conference will be under close watch from all of the MMA world.


The UFC just announced that they will hold a conference call tomorrow with Dana White and GSP at 4pm US PT. Ariel Helwani also tweeted that Dana told him it will be about “stuff people want to hear.”

So definitely big news for fight fans regardless of what is being announced.

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