Wanderlei Silva Sends Support To Anderson

In the wake of the Anderson Silva failed drug-test, the former UFC Champion has been sent some support from fellow Brazilian Wanderlei Silva.

Wanderlei has himself had some run ins with the Nevada State Athletic Commission having been handed a lifetime ban after skipping a drug test before UFC 175 where he was scheduled to fight Chael Sonnen.

In the video which you can check out below, Wanderlei describes Anderson as a genius and comments that his legacy will never be changed and can never be touched. So here is the video, which Wanderlei posted online on Saturday;

Tony’s Thoughts: Its hard to take anything that Wanderlei says/does now without a pinch of salt. He has clearly had a big failing out with the UFC and the NSAC and unfortunately for him has tarnished his career/legacy. I get that he is supportive of fellow countryman Anderson, but likewise Anderson has cast a real bad cloud over what was a fantastic MMA career. Lets just hope that like Wanderlei, Anderson doesn’t take to posting these short videos which to me seem like desperation pleas to get himself heard.

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