Wanderlei Silva “I’ll slap that disrespectful son of a b*tch”

Former Pride Champion and UFC star Wanderlei Silva has posted another one of his infamous online videos, and Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor is the main target.

Silva, once one of the stars of the UFC was handed a lifetime ban by the Nevada Athletic Commission following his refusal to submit drugs tests, and sadly for the Brazilian has discredited his legacy due to the fiasco.

The video below is spoken in Silva’s native tongue (Portugese) but #WHOATV have managed to loosely translate the main parts from the online rant for you.

Silva is seen in the video talking about how Brazilians need to respect their biggest Champion of all time, Jose Aldo and that Aldo deserves an instant rematch and the KO was an accident. He then moves his focus on to McGregor and says that he is going to slap him because he is disrespectful son of a b*tch.

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