Vladimir Putin worried about Fedor return

Fedor’s return has evoked various emotions from people. Some are worried, some are happy, and some are indifferent. It really depends on your exposure to Fedor in the past and your personality in regards to your MMA viewing.

It is a big decision for a fighter like Fedor to return to fighting. Not only are you risking your health and safety but your legacy as well. It wasn’t an easy decision but in an interview with Russian outlet rsport.ru Fedor stated that his families consent was key.

“For me it is very important to have the support of the family, and only with the consent of relatives I returned,” said Fedor (roughly translated by Google). “My family supports me, and if they said “no” – I would not be here speaking today.”

Fedor also consulted with other people around him and received a mix bag of responses.

“I consulted other people about this. Some took it with great joy and some asked: “why go back?” They reacted differently, but basically, what I see and hear, they supported my decision.”

One person who is seemingly leaning towards the worried category is Russian president and martial arts lover Vladimir Putin. Fedor spoke of his recent conversation with Putin.

“Yes, we talked,” said Fedor. “He said he would be very worried (with a smile). And wished me luck.”

Fedor is slated to return at new Japanese MMA event Rizin Fighting Federation spearheaded by former Pride FC chief Sakakibara. The event is set to take place in the legendary Saitama Super Arena over two days are the end of the year. The Last Emperor has yet to receive an opponent.

Hat tip to Karim Zidan/Bloody Elbow. Title image via MixFight.RU.

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