[VIDEO] John Phillips: ‘Marshman has been avoiding me!’

For the first time ever, two Welsh fighters will go head-to-head in the Octagon at UFC Fight Night: Till vs Masvidal, but John Phillips vs Jack Marshman seems to be going under the radar. I caught up with both men for an exclusive chat.

Jack “The Hammer” Marshman has be flying the Welsh flag in mixed marital arts for almost 10 years professionally. Even holding the honour of being the first Welshman signed to the UFC. He made massive waves in UK MMA promotions and is already set in history. Marshman will be keen to capture and another accolade again this weekend.

Enter John “The Welsh Wrecking Machine” Phillips a fellow Welshman to set up the Welsh history on the international stage. Both athletes are trying to end a 2 fight losing streak, but with their backs against the wall the loser will ultimately leave town.

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