UFC Title Fight coming to Sweden?

Yes you read right, a UFC title fight could potentially be coming to Sweden or so claims Alexander Gustafsson. The former title challenger posted the following status on his facebook page saying that he was just off the phone with Lorenzo Fertitta and he will be fighting the winner of Jones – Cormier and that the title fight could happen in Sweden.

alex gus

Alan’s Angle: I would take this with a pinch of salt. Gustafsson was rightly annoyed after the UFC rescheduled the DC and Jon Jones title fight and didn’t consider him to step in for the fight he was originally part of (to learn more click here). The Swede was very vocal about his annoyance so this could be a result of that in which he talked to the UFC and everyone cooled their heads about the situation resulting in Gus promoting the next Sweden card and help being a company guy. However, I have no doubt about it that Sweden could sell out a 60,000 seat arena. Dana White had also said in the past that if the UFC were going ahead with it they would consider having the card on late at night local time in order to air at a reasonable hour in the US for PPV.

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