Logo-the-ultimate-fighting-championship-250777_800_600The UFC have planned a very big year for Europe in 2014. Lorenzo Fertitta confirmed on BT Sports ‘Beyond the Octagon’ that the first event in the European series will take place in London in March and will be a “significant event”.

“It’s going to a significant event and we’re really excited that we’re going to be here on a regular basis,” said the UFC executive Fertitta.

In addition he stated that this will be the first of six events to take place in Europe in 2014. It was previously announced by Gary Cook that the UFC will visit the UK, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Germany and Turkey in the new year, which happens to be six territories.

This could possibly mean a number of things given the two statements; either more events will take place in Europe, some of the above mentioned territories will not be visited, or the UK will only have one event in 2014.

No details of date or venue were disclosed for the March event in London.


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