UFC announce a New York event for April 2016

Not just your average Monday. The UFC have today announced some power moves in order to hold their very first event in New York. In the past the promotion has lobbied to get the ban of professional MMA in New York state overturned but to no avail.

Earlier today the NY Daily News reported that the UFC have sued the state in federal court in order the get the ban, which has been standing since 1996, lifted. They said that the law “is so badly written that neither ordinary persons nor state officials are able to say with any certainty what it permits and what it prohibits.”

“We believe fight fans have waited long enough to experience live UFC events in the state of New York and we are thrilled to announce our first event at Madison Square Garden,” said UFC Senior Executive Vice President and COO Lawrence Epstein via press release. “Professional MMA is legal around the world and it is about time New York followed suit.”

Along with the suit the world’s largest MMA promotion have also announced their very first event in New York set to take place in Madison Square Garden on April 23, 2016. This is showing great confidence in what they obviously see as a winnable case.

Alan’s Angle: I think any MMA fan will see the ban on the sport as silly and prehistoric. Not much to report on there. But the fact the UFC have entered in a suit with the state and have already announced their first event is BIG and BOLD. I hope it works out for them but if it doesn’t they could end up with egg on their face. The fact the show is already announced has filled me with confidence though that the UFC will finally be in Madison Square Garden.

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