UFC 168: Pressure Drop

Speaking to Anderson Silva at Urban Kings Gym in London a few months back I couldn’t help but feel his sense of peace.

Widely regarded as the G.O.A.T, it’s a title that has evidently come with it’s unforeseen pressures. It became apparent as we discussed his loss, what he could have done better, Matrix moves and Steven Seagal’s hand in his preparations that there was an overwhelming feeling of contentment and a release from the aforementioned pressure.

Before me sat a relaxed, totally engaging individual in contrast to previous interviews. Gone was the indifference, the, dare I say it, boredom, and blasé attitude that he had expressed in previous grillings by the MMA media.

As part of a specially invited group who had been assembled to learn techniques from ‘The Spider’ he talked candidly, unguardedly about things in the forefront of his mind. One thing was clear and in the context of what happened between Silva and the current UFC middleweight champion his parting words to me of “I back bro” seemed all the more believable as he spoke with hunger, self reflection and with a renewed sense of determination. Here is the entire conversation to which others assembled also contributed.


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