Travis Browne responds to media members claim of “controversial” bout

UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne does not take kindly to people questioning his win over Matt Mitrione, as one unfortunate member of the media found out at the #UFCBoston post fight press conference.

During the bout between Browne and Mitrione, Browne landed two eye pokes which caused Mitrione to seek medical attention. Although the referee had warned Browne about the eye pokes he did not do anything else and there was a lot of uproar on social media about the referee docking him a point for it.

But regardless of if a point was deduced or not it didn’t matter in the end as Browne was able to secure the win at 4:09 of the third round via TKO after getting his opponent Mitrione to the ground.

Instead of asking Browne about the win the media member questioned Browne about the “controversy” in his bout and as you can see from the video below, Hapa didn’t take too kindly to it (Browne’s question comes at the 12:16 mark);

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