Top 5 potential signees for UFC Scotland

In advance of the UFC’s return to Scotland on 18th July we look at some of the top semi free agents based in the UK that will be a welcome addition to the UFC roster and based on their following gather interest from the crowd in attendance.

1. Robert Whiteford
Without a doubt the only person that deservedly sits atop of this list is also the first Scottish person that the UFC signed back in 2013. Currently on a two fight winning streak one of which is a stunning victory over a fellow UFC vet Nam Pham. Whiteford would undoubtedly receive a heroes welcome from a crowd pleased to see his return to the big stage. If I were a betting man I would guess, given his popularity and where the UFC are returning to, that this is an athlete that the UFC will be actively pursuing before he is snapped up by KSW, Europe’s leading mixed martial arts promotion.

2. Chris Bungard
He comes to finish that’s for sure and as he proved in his last two outings he’s not shy in showcasing his balletic submission game. The Scottish Hit Squad associate is also a dab hand at social media where he has previously baited opponents and stirred up crowd interest too. He’s full of personality which always lends itself to a compelling post fight interview. This coupled with an equally decent stand up game makes Bungard a welcome asset to the UFC fold.

3. Daniel Henry
Currently on a three fight winning streak with Africa based promotion Extreme Fighting Championship Henry would be a welcome addition. Whether he has the all important ‘You’ll release me if the UFC come calling’ written into his current contact would be the only stumbling block here. He’s an exciting featherweight that actively hunts a finish and is equally efficient on the ground and in a stand up exchange. A fighter who famously said ‘I’ll fight my own mother to be on the UFC card’ is one that definitely gets a UFC green light from us here at #WHOATV.

4. Ross Houston
A pro with an unbeaten record, ok so he’s only four fights deep into his professional career, but Houston is a problem. A welterweight, fighting out of SBG Inverness and Jiu Jitsu Misfits, Houston was last seen delivering a guillotine choke submission in a staggering 31 seconds into the first round when he clashed Dylan McLoughlin at Cage Warriors 82. An exciting fighter by all accounts one which, after showcasing his skills twice in Europe’s MMA proving ground, can definitely hang with the big boys.

5.Alan Johnstone
Back in the winning column after coming off a decision loss to Walter Gahadza and a draw to Craig Turner both of which many have argued he won in both cases Johnstone is worthy of mention for his aggressive style. His notable victories include a unanimous decision win over UFC veteran Aaron ‘The Day Walker’ Wilkinson back in 2012 at Cage Warriors 50. He’s definitely one to watch for inclusion in the UFC at some point if he’s not snapped up this time around.

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