Tito Ortiz hopes Aldo kicks McGregor’s ass

Last week, while speaking the MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant, Bellator title challenger shared his thoughts on Conor McGregor. While saying that he himself sells a fight better than anyone else he backtracked a little and acknowledged Conor McGregor’s (or Gregor McConor’s) rise to money and title contention.

“I like to be the face of the company. I go out and do the diligent work, I do the interviews, I am out doing everything, it’s not just the fact of getting in the cage and fighting but going out and doing the promo to sell the fight and I don’t think there’s anyone else in this business that does it better than me. Maybe, uhm, Gregor McConor or is it Conor McGregor he does a really good job,” said Ortiz.

“He is a fast-talker and he talks great, he sells it good. Congratulations to him, for his fourth fight in the UFC he is already fighting for the world title, he’s making a lot more money than I did at that time in my career.”

During his compliments Ortiz did mention that the Irishman did step over some lines thought and thinks he deserves some comeuppance for his actions.

“There’s been some lines crossed. I hope Aldo kicks his ass,” said Ortiz. “Snatching the belt, you do not take a champ’s belt and, you know, Jose is a great champion, one of the best, and you got to respect a guy at that level. To do what he did I was like ‘oh man…'”

Skip to 6:00 in the video below for the McGregor talk.

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