Time for action against police misogyny

Yesterday Mandu Reid at Women’s Equality Party along with other incredible individuals took action and projected women’s experiences of police misconduct and misogyny onto New Scotland Yard. Laying police failures and misogyny squarely at the feet of police leadership. 

The stories women shared were horrific. No matter how long campaigns in this space are held, the depth, and the extent of the abuse and misogyny within policing never fails to underline the abhorrent nature of a clear and present threat. This is so much bigger than Carrick, bigger than any single officer, or any single police force.

With the help of those on social media platforms voices were amplified. Thousands of women who have been mistreated and betrayed by the institution which claims to protect them. They deserved so much better, we all deserve so much better than this. 

Mandu Reid has made clear that women are tired of platitudes and meaningless apologies from politicians and police leaders and they rightly will not accept any less than fundamental, radical change.

For those wishing to support join the party today to help them keep fighting.

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