The Posterboy Show presented by Jimi Manuwa

Jimi Manuwa is the number 9 ranked Light Heavyweight fighter in the UFC at present and is expected to make an appearance on home soil when the UFC return to London for #UFCLondon in February 2016.

Jimi who is a good friend of #WHOATV has now ventured into the world of podcasts and it is a pleasure that #WHOATV are able to provide him the platform to get his show broadcast to the world. In the latest episode Jimi and co-host Michael Morgan explore and discuss UFC 194, Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte vs Anthony Joshua and more. Plus the unveiling of the first ever ‘Posterboy Awards’

With that thought in mind #WHOATV are exploring the various platforms that you guys can listen to not only the Posterboy Show but also the WHOACAST which is our weekly show bought to you by comedian Bryan Lacey. We will be releasing the shows on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube and a host of other social media platforms and as always would love to hear your feedback on how we can best provide you with our content.

So here is the YouTube edition of the ‘Posterboy Show’ hosted by Jimi Manuwa, enjoy;

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