In the year 654 AD a large army gathered at the base of Wudan mountain.

The ruling clans of ancient Asia always felt uncomfortable knowing a source of such extreme power existed, uncontrolled, but until now nobody dare question it.

The Shoguns of Japan allied with the Emporers of China. They in turn allied with the Warlords of Mongolia and an army of one million men strong amassed at the mountains foot with the sole purpose of destroying the temple.

I was on night duty, and upon their discovery, I ran into Master Po’s chambers.

“Master Po! A million men have come to destroy our temple. What will we do?”

He looked distinctly uninterested as he replied.

“I believe we should leave in good order. I want yourself and our two best students to meet me in the courtyard ready to fight. Order everybody else to clean the gardens and scrub meticulously; I do not any invaders to think we live unclean”.

I was puzzled. Surely we needed every available student to repel the invaders. What do they care of our gardens state, they were here to destroy our temple and everything around it. This aside, I followed his commands.

2 hours after first discovering the invading army myself, Wu Han and Zhao Han stood before Master Po in the court yard. We were the strongest students of Wudan’s style, yet many century’s below mastery.

Master Po began to speak.

“I sense fear in you all. Yet us three will defend this temple. If you refuse to fight, I will kill you.”

He stood in front of Wu Han.

“Do you wish to die in battle, or by my hand?”

Wu Han stood strong and replied “I wish to die in battle!”

At this Master Po’s tegatana landed on the neck of Wu, killing him instantly. His lifeless body hit the floor and Master Po exclaimed “Life is battle. I’ve granted your wish.”

With the body of Wu face down on the ground, he moved infront of Zhao.

Zhao was clearly shaken by what had just happened.

“Do you wish to die in battle, or by my hand?” he asked.

Zhao hesitated. As soon as the first sound was emitted from his lips Master Po’s tegatana struck the soft part of Zhaos neck. Killing him instantly.

Standing over him Master Po whispered “If the sight of death causes you hesitation, your fate is certain. Better at my hand, than that of savages”

I was the last one alive. I didn’t know the answer he wanted.

Master Po stood in front of me and asked. “Do you wish to die in battle, or by my hand?”

I replied “I do not wish to die at all.”

He didn’t say a word. He was clearly unimpressed by my answer. Yet decided to spare my life. He simply began to walk down the mountain. I ran after him.

At its base we fought for 2 months without a moments rest before the army was defeated. I suffered only slight injury, Master Po was unharmed. 750,000 men died by our hands.

Upon our return Master Po ordered every student to stand in crane position for 25 years.

Furious he exclaimed:

“This temple has never looked so clean! You scrub so hard these weeks for savages, yet not for your Masters!”

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