The Met Police: Institutionally racist by name institutionally racist by nature

Baroness Casey delievered her long awaited report without fear or favour.

Nothing in Baroness Casey’s 300 plus pages surprised me. The cancerous, systemic racism of the Met Police has been exposed. After decades of them gaslighting the Black community post Macpherson that institutional racism exists only in our minds, Casey has provided the receipts.

The receipts were plentiful and made for a sickening read. They are the tip of the iceberg if the Twitter police accounts sporting thin blue lines and cartoon avatars are anything to go by. These cowards serve as daily proof that many in the Met Police despise Black people.

I’ve no confidence in Mark Rowely being able to deliver the change necessary. He is an individual who has said he is not willing to use the word ‘institutional’. He is literally cherry picking what he finds palatable in the report something Casey warned against doing.

Policing is by consent. It’s clear the Met Police is riddled with racism, positively teeming with it, which explains their over-policing of Black communities, disproportionate stop and searches, strip searching of our children and the lives lost via boot, taser and gun.

The little confidence that the Black community had in the Met Police is destroyed beyond repair. Met Police colleagues who have stood shoulder to shoulder with racists offering no challenge. You are just as bad and an integral part of the problem. In short you are complicit.

Any wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Met today is just performative theatre. These people will continue to gaslight us with hollow promises of change whilst it’s clear the hatred they uphold is institutional and totally cancerous making that change unobtainable.

The Met Police cannot continue this cyclical gymnastics of lip service, it’s draining. Reports from Scarman, Macpherson, Lammy and now Casey all say the same thing. You treat the Black community like shit. We won’t let you continue. It’s time to withdraw consent.

For anyone who has been paying any attention post Scarman, MacPherson, Lammy and now Casey. They will be filled with a sense of Déjà vu. There is nothing new here and that’s what should be frustrating to anyone reading Baroness Casey’s report.

Can you imagine a darker day for the Met Police. Mark Rowely has made things horrifically worse. Dame Baroness Casey handed him all he needed to make change, with receipts. He is choosing to cherry pick what he accepts, just like she said not to do.

The Peelian notion of policing by consent relies on trust. The betrayal of trust is not a new thing. By refusing to accept that the Met Police is institutionally racist Mark continues the findings that speak of a culture of denial. It’s this same culture of denial that have led the Met into special measures and where they find themselves today.

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