The Karate Kid says ‘the crane kick’ wouldn’t work in a fight

Say it ain’t so! The man who inspired many 30 years ago to take up martial arts has stated that his signature move ‘the crane kick’ would not work in a real fight.

When ‘The Karate Kid’ aka Daniel Larusso, real name Ralph Macchio, was asked by TMZ whether or not the kick would work in a fight he responded, “absolutely not, you could try it but you’re gonna get your lights knocked out”.

In the movie Larusso used the crane kick, that was taught to him by the legendary Mr. Miyagi, to defy the odds and win the All Valley Karate Championship beating bully Johnny Lawrence.

Maybe Danny should watch the real life karate kid in action….Here is Lyoto Machida using the crane kick to KO Hall of Famer Randy Couture a couple of years ago. A move that was rumoured to have been thought to Machida by the real life Mr. Miyagi- Sensei Steven Segal!

karate kid crane kick

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