“Simeon is next in line” – Jake “Brutal” Bostwick

Jake “Brutal” Bostwick (14-8-0-1 MMA 2-0-0 CWFC) will be looking to extend his unbeaten streak for Cage Warriors this coming weekend as he is set to lock horns with former UFC fighter Simeon Thoresen. But the Londoner Bostwick who himself is having the best streak of his career doesn’t feel any additional pressure ahead of arguably his biggest fight to date. “Business is business. I am not taking Simeon lightly in any way shape or form. He is a great opponent and a great test for myself. I am very excited for this fight.”

Bostwick’s current win streak spans seven fights and three promotions with four of the seven fights coming by way of KO. But there is no science behind the improvements in his performances as of late aside from hard work in the gym. “I put in the hard work, I train full time so I have dedicated my life to this sport. I am always evolving and have a great team and family behind me.”

And while a seven fight win streak gives Bostwick confidence ahead of any upcoming fights he isn’t letting it get ahead of him. “My win streak definitely gives me more confidence but at the same point it can put pressure on me as I don’t want it to end.”

Standing in front of Bostwick increasing his win streak is Simeon “The Grin” Thoresen who is making his return to Cage Warriors following a stint with the UFC. Thoresen is a well established European fighter and a win over Thoresen would certainly get people including Bostwick in 170lbs title talks. But Bostwick is more focused on the task at hand as opposed to the future implications. “Beating Simeon will be massive for me and my career. Again I will take each step as it comes. Simeon is next in line and then we will see what’s next.”

Bostwick splits his training between Team Titan and Double-K Gym so will be the hometown favourite on Saturday night. But the Londoner isn’t opposed to training in unfamiliar places in an effort to continue to evolve as a mixed martial artist and has spent time out in Holland at the legendary Mikes Gym. “Team Titan and Double-K Gym are two amazing gyms but sometimes you need to test the water and jump in at the deep end. Going to other gyms especially outside of the UK is very important because other gyms do thing differently.”


Within his first ten professional fights Bostwick faced an uphill struggle and was in negative territory with his record (3-6-0-1), but following a submission loss to John Phillips at Cage Rage 28, Bostwick has gone 11-1 with only two fights going the distance. So what is it that sits behind this great resurgence in his career? Bostwick puts it down to one thing. “Maturity. It’s the only thing that I can put it down too. I was only a kid when I started training and fighting and now I am something very different.”

A majority of those early fights in his career took place under the Cage Rage/UCMMA promotion and when asked, Bostwick had nothing but praise for the promotion. “I started my career with Cage Rage and that whole experience was awesome.” And now Bostwick has found himself a home with Cage Warriors which he hopes will see him take that next step up in his career and continue to get his name known throughout Europe. “Without a doubt Cage Warriors is the best show in Europe and a great platform for many fighters. I am very happy to be signed to Cage Warriors.”

With weigh ins for the fight going down this coming Friday at the Hippodrome Casino Bostwick is entirely focused on the fight ahead and is also not letting the recent increase in fines for missing weight come into the equation . “I am about 9kgs out from making weight right now. I think the increased fines are good because making weight is the biggest part of the fight in my eyes. I don’t feel any more pressure on me though, it is what it is.”

One thing we can be certain of for Saturday night will be Bostwick’s great entrance to the cage which has seen him adopt the superhero villain persona of Bane from the latest Batman film. But aside from having a similar figure and hairdo (or lack of) there isn’t really much behind Bostwick’s decision to adopt the mask on his now famous walkouts. “There is really no story behind the Bane theme. I just liked the image and thought I could pull it off. The crowd have certainly reacted well to it so I think I’ve managed to pull it off.”

Jake would like to thank “Team Titan, Mikey Papas and Kieran Keddle for preparing me well.”

“My striking has never felt so good, I can’t wait to BANG! Enjoy the show!”

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