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The Bantamweight division at BAMMA is fast becoming the most entertaining division not only inside BAMMA but across the European scene and sitting atop of the division with the belt is Shay Walsh.

Whilst most of the 135lbs in the division have used a combination of fighting and trash talk to get themselves into big fights, Walsh created his path to the gold with solid results and four back to back wins at BAMMA.

With a few big shows coming up in the next few months for BAMMA and many exciting Bantamweight bouts set to take part #WHOATV reached out to Walsh to get his views on a number of things including some key fights and his thoughts on who should be next to challenge him for his Title.

So without further ado enjoy, Shay Walsh on….

Nathaniel Wood Vs Alan Philpott

Alan is much more experienced so I think that may play a factor. Hopefully Alan has got his weight issues under control. Nathaniel is a young talent with a technical kickboxing style of striking which gave Alan some problems in his last bout. If Alan makes weight and performs at his best, I think he will win. Nathaniel will need a good start and to get the momentum in his favour. Philpott finds it hard to get back into fights when he is not winning.

The difference between the Lonsdale Title and his World Title

I think having the two titles in the same weight division is a little confusing, especially for the average casual fan. The world title is the top of the tree.

Tom Duquesnoy Vs Damien Rooney

It’s an interesting fight. Rooney has made the flyweight limit on a few occasions but still has the bigger frame compared to the current featherweight champion which is pretty crazy when you think about it. It’s a testament to the skills of Tom holding the featherweight title beating much larger opponents. I think Tom is the favourite but Rooney should not be counted out. Everyone including Tom seem to be looking past him and it might end up biting him in the ass.

Should the winner of Duquesnoy Vs Rooney get the next shot at his Title?

I expected Tom to get the Bantamweight Title shot on his first fight in the division. For whatever reason he is fighting Rooney instead. I was prepared to put the belt on the line in Dublin, this would have suited me much better. A win for Rooney over Duquesnoy would definitely make a strong case for challenging for my belt.

Ed Arthur Vs Cameron Else

Anything can happen in that cage so you must be physically and mentally prepared for everything no matter who the opponent. Hopefully Ed changes his attitude a bit, be confident by all means but understand the best fighter doesn’t always win. The man that fights the best on the night does.

What fight excites him the most at BAMMA

Tom Duquesnoy!

Be sure to follow Shay on twitter @ShayWalshMMA You can also watch Shay’s Title winning performance from #BAMMA23 below;

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