Ronda Rousey – I’m ashamed of my face

Video has emerged of Ronda Rousey arriving back in Los Angeles and it seems that the former Champion just wants the earth to swallow her up right now.

Rousey is seen in the video below to arrive at the airport with her boyfriend Travis Browne but is seen with a hood up and a pillow in front of her face to hide any bruising she suffered at the hands of Holly Holm in her UFC Bantamweight Title defeat.

Rousey was in no state to give any comments to the probing reporters who even threw in a Floyd Mayweather reference to get a response, but to no avail.

It’s likely that it will be some time before Rousey makes a public statement about the bout if at all, and is more likely going to focus on what she needs to improve to get herself back into that Title mix.

Credit to TMZ Sports for the video

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