Philpott aiming to win titles and bring BAMMA to Ireland

One of Irish MMA’s brightest, and often brashest, stars Alan Philpott (13-6) recently signed a deal with top UK promotion BAMMA. It seems like a the perfect arrangement, BAMMA want the best out there who can put on top performances and Philpott has intentions of joining his teammate Norman Parke in the UFC some day soon, both can help each other in their goals.

The opportunity of fighting for BAMMA has really excited the Next Gen NI fighter and he seems very happy with the deal.

“BAMMA has really sprouted up again and is fast becoming the biggest and best show in the UK once more. They have signed some great talent and have some brilliant and big plans,” he said. “They have been very reasonable with me and have offered me a great contract. I have been offered contracts before but nothing really ticked the boxes, but I know BAMMA can give me the stage I need to show my true ability and get the opportunities I need, I really am pleased to be on board and look forward to working with all the BAMMA staff.”

In true Philpott style he spoke to me of his plans within BAMMA and stated he wants to win a couple of titles and bring the promotion to the island of Ireland for the very first time in their

“I have high goals to reach in BAMMA and that is to be the first to win the BAMMA British Bantamweight title it then hopefully I can bring the promotion to Northern Ireland and defend it in front of my home crowd. They have signed Chris Fields and I’m aware that there is some more fighters from this island whose getting on board, so we could surely fill an arena like the Odyssey with support from the North and South of Ireland. And once again show the world that we have the best fans and stick together by giving the best atsmophere. The world title is the main goal tho, I would love to fight for it and show I’m at that world class level.”

It won’t be only good performances and title wins in BAMMA for Philpott however as the 22-year-old vows to continue to provoke emotions from fans and fighters and build hype during his stay in BAMMA.

“It’s no secret I am a mouthpiece and that I let the fingertips go wild on the keyboard, but that’s part of the game. It builds hype, and people either want to see me get my face smashed in or to smash the other guy’s face in. It’s purely just business and it attracts attention. I love attention, so whether you love me or hate me, it doesn’t matter, at least you’re still thinking about me. ‘A Closed mouths don’t get her.'”

Philpott did say that he is in talks to make his debut soon but could not reveal anymore info just yet. Stay tuned to Irish MMA News for more news updates and interviews from the sport in Ireland.


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