Natural born prospect killer?

Ed Arthur is an undefeated Bantamweight fighter fighting out of Hemel Martial Arts. The young prospect is set to lock horns with another undefeated Bantamweight prospect on the BAMMA 15 card. The fight will end with one of the two having a red mark on their record but for the other it will certainly get people talking about them as they look to continue their reign over the UKMMA scene.

TQ – You are set to take on undefeated Nathaniel Woods at BAMMA 15. Less than two weeks away, how have things been going and how are you feeling so close to fight night?

EA – I’m feeling calm, focused and ready to do what I do best, I’m excited to fight on BAMMA again specially against Nathaniel. Training has been spot on for this fight, I don’t believe in fight camps so I just train all the time and keep working on my technique!!

TQ – This will be your second outing for BAMMA. Being so early on in your career how grateful are you to get the opportunity and exposure to fight for BAMMA?

EA – Always great to be on the big show! Bigger the show, better the opponent, the best of me will always come out! I want fights that is going to get people talking about me and my team, I want people to follow me all the way to the top!!

TQ – Your original opponent was Daniel Crawford who had to withdraw due to injury. Had you done much preparation focused on fighting Daniel and if so how easy has it been to adapt to a new opponent?

EA – It doesn’t matter who I fight because I spend more time and energy focusing on me not what there going to do. In a real fight like this you just have to let it flow and if you have trained hard and worked on your technique then everything will come natural.

TQ – How closely have you followed Nathaniel’s career if at all? And what do you make of your opponent?

EA – Before this fight got announced I had spoke to Nathaniel a few times about training with each other and I followed his fights and after Saturday when I win, I will carry on following his career. I have no hate to anyone i might fight or have fought.

TQ – Benny “Brutal” Carr also fights at BAMMA 15. How much does it help having a friend/training partner fight on the same card as you?

EA – Benny is great to train with, we have only just started training together but I think it will be a good partnership for both of us.

TQ – Only 2 weeks away from fight night so how is the weight at the moment?

EA – My weight is perfect but I’m looking forward to weighing in because I love my food. I live with a bunch of Italians so I’m missing out on some great foods.

TQ – You train out of Hemel Martial Arts alongside UKMMA Legend Denniston Sutherland. How much of a confidence boost is to train with someone who has been in the sport as long as Denniston has?

EA – I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Max so it’s been great. Max has taught me to be myself in MMA not what someone else says it should be!! I’m going to take me and Hemel Martial Arts all the way to the UFC!!

TQ – What are your career goals and how many times ideally would you like to fight this year?

EA – My main career goal is that everyone in the world knows about my martial arts and asks to train with me until I’m a old man!! I want to be MMA’s yoda one day!

TQ – Finally anyone you would like to thank or mention?

EA – Thanks to everyone that’s supports me, love to my circle!! Get built and impact for sponsoring me. Family of Billy Dove for their continued support.

Be sure to follow Ed on twitter @edarthurmma


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