Mike Tyson is NOT fighting James Toney

Recently there were rumours going around that former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson was coming out of retirement for a fight with James Toney.

Various sites reported that ‘sources close’ to Tyson said that the deal was currently being agreed by the two former champs to fight later this year.

Well earlier today Tyson took to twitter to deny it all and he tweeted the following:

“I am not going to fight James Toney #Rumour #Ridiculous”

It has been nearly 10 years to the day since 48-year-old Tyson last fought, which was a poor performance against Irishman Kevin McBride. Tyson lost after being knocked down in the 6th round and failing to get up. Post-fight he admitted that he only took the fight for a payday.

46-year-old James Toney on the other hand fought as recently as November 2013 in the Prizefighter tournament in the UK. He won his first fight by TKO but lost the semi-final by majority decision.

Both boxers have a connection with MMA. Tyson is a regular at UFC events, is friends with Dana White and has appeared on numerous TV shows and documentaries regarding MMA.

Toney, of course, had that one embarrassing MMA fight against Randy Couture at UFC 118. He got taken down early on and looked like a turtle on his back as Randy toyed with him before locking on the arm triangle. Regardless, you have to admire Toney for stepping in against a fighter like Couture.

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