McGregor’s ACL – The Angle Nobody is Covering

UFC Interim Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor has suffered with a torn ACL on a few occasions during his UFC tenure and ahead of #UFC194 not much focus has been given to that fact. But in the video below posted by Fair Use Review, they explore the extent of McGregor’s ACL injuries which includes McGregor himself discussing it on the MMA Hour and Dana White talking on the Joe Rogan Experience about McGregor’s stem cell therapy.

It’s an interesting look into an aspect of the fight which hasn’t been highlighted and could really open up opportunity for Jose Aldo who is renowned for his vicious leg kicks which have damaged many of his previously opponents legs, none more noticeable than Urijah Faber. Some of the statements in the below are a little outlandish but some of them post an interesting perspective on the biggest UFC Featherweight fight of all time.

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