Mario Saeed “I will finish him in the first two rounds”

BAMMA 24 will see a huge Lightweight bout featuring Mario Saeed and Myles Price in a fight which is likely to push the winner into a possible Title shot down the road.

Saeed has stopped by at this weeks #WHOACAST to discuss the upcoming bout and let us know how he has been dealing with all of the time out of the cage.

Saeed who has a professional record of 8-2 was a big prospect since his early days in the sport and his personality and entertaining style had definitely propelled him to fight on some of Europe’s biggest shows including Cage Warriors.

Following a tough decision loss to BKK’s Sean Carter, Saeed was involved in a very controversial bout with Azi Thomas at Cage Warriors 72 which led to a serious neck injury and also forced him to stay on the side-lines for the longest period of his career. Something which was horrible for him at the time but with the benefit of hindsight something which has led to him being healthier than ever ahead of #BAMMA24.

“To be fair it was very hard sitting on the side-lines. I had an injury from previously and then at Cage Warriors I got caught with the illegal up kick and ended up with a major operation.”

“As bad as it was, at the same time it (the layoff) was good for me. I am all clear, I feel healthy and fit and am in a great spot. 27th of February you will see a beast inside that cage.”

Saeed is fighting Myles Price who himself will be looking to rebound from a decision loss to Kane Mousah and fly the flag for Ireland in the England Vs Ireland show. But for Saeed he doesn’t care about what or who is in front of him and is purely focused on himself, so much so he didn’t even know his opponents name.

“I didn’t even know his name until now, I am being serious. I am always trying to improve and never underestimate anybody. I train 2-3 times a day and I have been through a tough tie. I will finish him in the first two rounds, I promise you.”

One thing which struck me the most in the interview was his willingness to prove his dedication to the sport and also just how hungry he sounds to get back in there. Saeed is absolutely chomping at the bit for 27th February to roll round for the cage door to be closed at #BAMMA24.

“I am going to finish him. You are going to see an exciting fight. Most of these guys look at a fight as a sport, I don’t its kill or be killed. When I do things I will put all my life into it.

“I am so dedicated to this. I’m the most dedicated guy in this sport in my mind. I never hate a guy as he has the same dream as me but at the same time he is there to rip my head off.”

You can check out the full interview on the #WHOACAST in the link below.

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