Marc Diakiese “Artem Lobov isn’t a fighter, he has no technique”

Marc “Bonecrusher” Diakiese has caused a storm on the European Lightweight division over the last few years and following a devastating 36 second win over rival Kane Mousah at #BAMMA25 back in May, has been called up to join the UFC’s 155lbs division.

The news was announced just last week and for the ASW fighter it was a dream come true, but he wasn’t entirely convinced when his manager broke the news to him whilst he was driving back from a tough workout.

“I was on my way back from Manchester and about half way through my journey when I got a call and he just said “Guess what? You’re getting signed for the UFC.” I didn’t believe him to start with as we are always joking about it. But then he said he was being serious and I just started sweating and getting excited.”

“It doesn’t really feel real, I think until I fight for the first time then it will.”

Diakiese has signed a four fight deal with the promotion and is definitely keen to be part of the highly rumoured #UFC204 Manchester card which is likely to take place in October. He is also ready to fight as and when the promotion need him and since his last fight in May, other than a week of eating junk food, has been in the gym every single day.

“Since the Mousah fight I had a week off and all I done was eat, eat and eat myself into a good coma. Chocolate, cheesecake, pizza just all the stuff I don’t normally eat.”

“But then I was back in the gym as being the BAMMA Champion there was always someone gunning for me and wanting to beat me. I would like to fight in Manchester yes, but I’m not sure, we will just have to wait and see.”

And if the promotion were unsure who to match Diakiese up with in his debut, the former BAMMA Lonsdale Lightweight Champion took to twitter to voice his views on a fellow European he would like to meet inside the Octagon.

The callout may have come out of the blue for many given the pair have never come close to fighting, but for Diakiese it was an interview with #WHOATV in which Lobov called out Diakiese and he hasn’t forgotten about it.

“I call people out with a reason behind it. Lobov was saying something about me online refusing to fight him. Saying that I picked fight and that stayed in my mind.”

Diakiese has been far from impressed by Lobov’s UFC performances to date and personally feels there is a host of people who are much more deserving at getting a shot in the UFC.

“Well he is shit, he is really terrible. I don’t think he has won a single fight in the UFC, he is only there because of McGregor. If that was someone else they would of sacked him straight away. There are people who work their whole live to get to the UFC and he is there because he is Conor’s little bitch and I don’t like that.”

“I can guarantee you he will lose again at #UFC202. In his last fight he just showed he is a guy who has no technique. All he does is swing and swing hoping to catch something. He is not a fighter just a swinger hoping for the best.”

Going into a shark tank like the UFC Lightweight division will present Diakiese with a huge opportunity to prove that he is ready to compete at the highest level and he is completely confident that he will be able to make the transition from European prospect to stable UFC Lightweight in no time at all. And for anyone doubting him, Diakiese is keen to prove you wrong.

“I am confident in my own game and believe in myself. If you watch my fights it rare to see me lose a round. My coach Darren Morris has bought my game on a lot to get me to this level. I feel no pressure whatsoever. I am only 23 but I have experience and I have sparred with UFC Lightweights and all I will say is, I performed.”

“I’m on a mission, I have got to win these things. I can’t lose a fight and I won’t. I am just going to keep moving forward.”

Marc would like to thank ‘all the UK fans. I know what I am doing and really appreciate the support. A lot of previous UK guys have just been happy being known as a UFC fighter but for me its different. If the UK fans back me on this I will get there.”

Marc would also like to thank his sponsors “Lonsdale, Hoyle Mill mot centre, Hudson maintenance and Body salsa.”

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