Marc Diakiese “I am born to win!”

#BAMMA25 will see an end to the back and forth talking between BAMMA Lonsdale Lightweight Champion Marc Diakiese and Kane Mousah, as the pair finally compete in a bout which was originally scheduled for BAMMA 17.

BAMMA recently announced the bout which will take place on 14th May 2016 at the Barclaycard Arena and #WHOATV were keen to speak to the Lonsdale Champion Marc Diakiese, to get his views on the bout and what the future of the Lightweight division holds for him.

The trash talking between the pair has been going on since the originally scheduled bout at BAMMA 17, and whilst Diakiese is respectful of the skills Mousah possesses he believes he is on another level to his opponent ahead of their Title clash.

“As a fighter he is decent but I don’t believe he is at a level I am fighting at now. I am a completely different fighter now to what I have been. Since I moved to ASW I have changed a lot. I am not impressed with his last fight.”

When the pair meet at #BAMMA25 it will provide both men with the opportunity to put the talk behind them and see who is the better man on the night and for Diakiese regardless of what happens before a fight he goes into that cage with a level head.

“I just take them all the same. I believe that I fight better with better opponents so it doesn’t really matter to me.”

Mousah has definitely used his talking to position himself next in line for a Title shot and his return bout at BAMMA 22 was really a do or die moment for him to get the bout with Diakiese.

Whilst he overcame that hurdle earning a decision win over Price, Diakiese thinks that he has talked his way into the fighter rather than earned it and wasn’t convinced Mousah even won his last fight.

“It’s the talk that has got him to a Title shot. Personally I thought he lost that fight against Price. But they gave him the win and then he has got the title shot because they know the fight with me will sell.”

The heat between Mousah and Diakiese has definitely seemed to stir the beast within Diakiese and there has been a noticeable increase of activity on his social media in recent months, something which Diakiese puts down to him finally showing us the real Marc Diakiese.

“All is it was that before I was trying to act polite and stuff. But now I am just being me, this is who I am.”

In previous fights Diakiese has spent time over in Sweden at AllStars Training Centre but for this one will be staying put in the UK at one of the most successful gyms in the North West of England, ASW.

“AllStars is a great gym and I have made some good friends and wouldn’t mind going outside of camp, but ASW is the best gym I have ever been to.”

“I realised that I have a lot of good people around me and I don’t need to travel far. I live in Doncaster so traveling to ASW (based in Manchester) is enough.”

Without overlooking his next opponent, Diakiese is keen to make some noise in the BAMMA Lightweight division and he definitely believes he is more than capable of stepping up and competing for BAMMA World Lightweight Title.

“After my last fight I thought that I would have been given a chance. I am looking to stay active in 2016 and after I beat Mousah there is nobody else I really have in mind. But I do want that World Title and I am happy to fight anybody BAMMA put in front of me.”

“People criticise my style but I don’t really care, I am the one to watch. No matter what I am a born winner, I am born to win!”

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