Luke Barnatt: “There is more money in my bedroom than the whole of Ireland”

Luke Barnatt, or as I’d like to refer to him as the UK’s Chael Sonnen, has made another humorous remarks about the neighbouring country of Ireland when he appeared on the MMA Roasted podcast.

Previously Luke had jokingly said to #WHOATV at UFC London that Ireland is essentially part of the UK because no-one knows where it is and despite it meant as a light-hearted  joking statement it rubbed a few Irish people the wrong way. Now yesterday he made the statement that “there is more money in my bedroom than the whole of Ireland.” He then laid out a challenge for an Irish middleweight to get to the UFC to fight him.

The topic of Ireland got brought up when he spoke about his apparent beef with Conor McGregor. Luke explained the situation and said that the first time he saw McGregor was at the UFC in London a couple of months ago, which took place after their twitter beef, and Barnatt claimed McGregor simply ignored him when he offered his hand.

You can listen to his comments right here from the 1hr 1min mark.

Alan’s Angle: I think Luke’s comments should all be taken with a pinch of salt (and I am an Irishman). His comments almost mirror that of Chael Sonnen’s about Brazil, although not near as bad. Also there is an Irish middleweight on TUF 19 at the moment by the name of Chris Fields, who happens to be a teammate of McGregor, so I can’t help but predict that this could set up a bad blooded fight between the pair.

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