Long out Lloveras in against Judo Jimmy Wallhead

The much anticipated match up between ‘Judo’ Jimmy Wallhead and Lewis ‘Foot’ Long has suffered a set back with Long having to withdraw from next week’s Bellator clash which takes place on Saturday 9th at the Metro Arena in Newcastle. The stacked card includes both homegrown and international talent.

Long has withdrawn due to an undisclosed injury and is replaced by Spain’s Abner ‘Skullman’ Lloveras (22-10-1) the promotion has revealed today. ‘Skullman last seen in action at ‘Italian Cage Fighting’ where he picked up a TKO win over Allessandro Botti ensures that Wallhead gets an able replacement for his return to the cage.

Speaking to WHOA TV Wallhead expressed disappointment at Long’s withdrawal from the match up saying, “Obviously I was focused on fighting Long so was pissed to hear of his withdrawal but these things happen. I’m just very happy to be fighting still and against a high calibre opponent with a strong record so all my hard work this camp hasn’t gone to waste.”

Wallhead was keen to get on record his side of the story in relation to Lew Long’s assertion he had ignored him many moons ago as he sought to find out Wallhead’s take on Judo’s place in MMA. Wallhead said, “Seriously bout this ignoring Long bollocks…he is just saying something to get some press. I don’t even think it happened to be honest. He never mentioned it before. He said he only wanted to fight me outta respect and so on blah blah… but supposedly now this is his story but he even said I didn’t ignore him in his words I said ‘no thanks mate’ or ‘no mate’ straight after a fight to some guy coming up to me!! F–k knows, it’s minor really, but I’m such a terrible person I can’t sleep at night…”

Tickets for the event can still be obtained here.

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