KSW 39: Colosseum Live Results

Champion vs. Champion
Mamed Khalidov vs. Borys Mankowski

Khalidov edges Mankowski in a hard fought three round fight.

Khalidov throwing all sorts of kicks in the first, keeping Mankowski guessing and staying at a distance. In the second round Mankowski pushed the pace and came forward with punches over the top. Some landing and wobbling the bigger Khalidov and one knee put Khalidov on his back on the ground moments before the bell rings.

Much of the same from Mankowski in the third but Khalidov had a few more answers and looked more dangerous than he did in the second. Khalidov scored a takedown towards the end of the fight though which probably won him the round and possibly the fight.

Former Strongmen Rivals
Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Tyberiusz Kowalczyk

Pudzianowski gets the win over former strongman foe via tapout due to strikes.

Cagey opening to the fight but toward the end Pudzianowski caught Kowalczyk and started to swarm him with blow after blow against the cage. Kowalczyk survives and circles away shortly before the bell rings.

Pudzianowski comes out throwing kicks in the second, one teep to the body and a low leg kick which hurts Kowalczyk. Again, Puzianowski goes in for the kill and cuts his opponent on the top of his head. In top control Puzianowski lands a powerful elbow forcing the ref to stop the fight after Kowalczyk doesn’t want anymore.

Rapper vs. Bodybuilder
Popek Monster vs. Robert Burneika

Popek gets the win by tapout due to strikes early in the first. Burneika looks like he had his nose broken and was bleeding heavily.

Heavyweight Title: Good vs. Evil
Fernando Rodrigues Jr. (c) vs. Marcin Rozalski

Rozalski wins the KSW heavyweight title with a one punch KO early in the first round. Rodrigues Jr. faceplants onto the canvas!

Light Heavyweight Title
Tomasz Narkun (c) vs. Marcin Wojcik

Narkun retains the title with a last second submission.

Big guys throwing leather early on neither landing cleanly. Narkun then throws a combination and finished it with a thumping body kick. It was another body kick in which Wojcik caught and got a single leg takedown. From there though Narkun managed to get a triangle from the bottom and tapped Wojcik with one second left in the first round.

KSW Legend vs. MMA Veteran
Lukasz Jurkowski vs. Sokoudjou

Warsaw’s own Lukasz Jurkowski gets the decision over Sokoudjou.

Juras returning from seven years away had a very close first round with MMA veteran Sokoudjou. Nothing major happened in that round, Juras throwing a variety of kicks while Sokoudjou looked to counter.

Sokoudjou started the round coming forward a lot more trying to land a hard shot. Juras caught him and Sokoudjou responded with a nice trip takedown. After some ground and pound Juras managed to get back to his feet but Sokoudjou secured another takedown and finished the round in top control.

Third round was a round of jabs as Juras stayed on the outside and peppered Sokoudjou with jab after jab.

Lightweight Title
Mateusz Gamrot (c) vs. Norman Parke

Gamrot retains the title with a unanimous decision over Parke.

Close first round. Both men engage in grappling but both nullifying the other. Gamrot landing more strikes throughout the round though.

Controversy in the second round as Parke complains that his finger was bit. After a brief timeout Parke is fighting with more intensity and throwing more strikes. A few submission attempts also. Another close round.

The pair started the third trading punches with Norman taking cage control while Gamrot circled. Both men stuff the others takedowns. Norman lands the hardest punch of the fight towards the end, Gamrot buckles slightly. Close round again.

Featherweight Title
Marcin Wrzosek vs. Kleber Koike Erbst

Kleber Koike Erbst becomes the new KSW featherweight champion after a hard fought three round with Marcin Wrzosek.

Wrzosek was getting the better on the feet clipping Erbst a number of times. Erbst then took it to the ground with a bodylock takedown and and secured back control. Wrzosek broke free towards the end of the round much to the elation of the Polish fans.

Back and forth second round. Once again Wrzosek getting the better on the feet. Erbst gets another takedown but doesn’t stay in control for too long. They finished the round exchanges strikes and clinching.

Erbst controls the third round in back control. Wrzsosek defended, fought off the rear naked choke and hung in there until the final bell. Close fight. First decision of the evening.

Heavyweight Showdown
Michal Kita vs. Michal Andryszak

Andryszak wins with a first round submission over Kita. The two engaged early on and Andryszak landed a knee before they went to the floor. The dangerous finisher then locked in the anaconda choke. Third fight, third first round finish.

Olympic Hero’s Debut
Damian Janikowski vs. Julius Gallegos

Damian Janikowski scores a TKO win after dropping Gallegos with a knee and then swarming him with punches. He is an Olympic wrestling medalists which makes this all the more impressive.

Women’s Flyweight Title
Diana Belbita vs. Ariane Lipski

Ariane Lipski wins the KSW women’s flyweight title with a stellar performance looking good on the feet with crisp strikes. But it was on the ground where she won locking in an armbar towards the end of the first round.

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