Kimbo comes back from submission scare to TKO Shamrock

Albeit briefly, it looked as if 51-year-old Ken Shamrock was going to do the unthinkable and pull off a win against Kimbo Slice in their headline bout at Bellator 138.

The pair headlined Bellator 138 in a catchweight bout which was originally supposed to take place in 2008.

As expected Shamrock looked to take down Slice and was successful in scoring with an outside trip, however, Slice was able to get back to his feet and the pair worked from the clinch before separating and bringing the fight back into Slice’s territory.

But then following a single leg takedown, Shamrock quickly moved to the back of his opponent and was able to put Slice in a rear naked choke. Shamrock held with all his might but likewise Slice worked with all he had left to narrowly escape the danger and get back to his feet.

Upon returning to his feet Slice landed a huge right hand that dropped Shamrock to the mat and referee John McCarthy rushed in to separate the two before Slice was able to inflict anymore damage.

You can watch the end of the fight in the video below;

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