Kane Mousah: ‘It’s out there Alex Enlund is a snitch!’

Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah has been on many a pundits ‘ones to watch’ list for several months now. Having cut an impressive swathe over at ACB the Manchester native is set to increase his verbose style to match the intensity of his mission. Clearly on a direct path to climb the ranks quickly, Mousah has wasted no time taking the fight to his opponent online pouring scorn on his character and his ability to be trusted. ‘The Danger’wastes no time discussing his latest challenge at ACB 70, which takes the form of Alex Enlund and will go down on 23 September in Sheffield.

“Alex knows and those who are involved know, there have been some untoward things that Alex has been involved in. I can’t abide by what he’s done I see it as a sly rat type of move. It’s a personality trait that I dislike. It’s out there Alex Enlund is a snitch. From the background that I come from that type of thing is frowned upon. He knows it was wrong what he did. He’s got loose lips, let’s just say that.”

Given his disdain for Alex outside of the cage you would expect a rather reckless approach to Mousah’s preparation which could possibly let emotion cloud his plans. On the contrary, according to Mousah, nothing could be further from the truth as he explains. “The incentive to take Alex out is already there. The incentive stems from my desire to win and my desire to be great. This is something else as an added bonus to throw in the bag there.

I’m an aggressive fighter I know for a fact when I go in the cage I can get the win. Yes I am looking to trade but don’t forget, everyone is talking about his Jiu Jitsu, but what do you think I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. I’ve been grappling, I’m a grappler, I wrestle I do Jiu Jitsu. I’m not bothered about what he’s gonna do, I don’t give a shit. I’m just bothered about what I’m gonna do. You keep your hands high and your chin tucked.”

Having previously stated that he is after top tier clashes it’s no surprise Mousah has had his fair share of possible opponents calling him out in response to his request that those in his division should step up their game and fight him. “I’m 31 years of age, I’m in my prime and I’m not one of those fighters who wants to fight those who are underneath me I want to fight guys that are ahead of me. I feel I have the ability to beat these guys and take down those who are ahead of me.

Anyone that’s ahead of me in the lightweight division or featherweight division I want to pick a fight with. Jack Grant started piping up saying he wanted to take a fight with me. That makes sense for someone like Jack Grant to take a fight with someone who is ranked higher than him, someone who has a bigger name than him. It would be a good scalp for him to get that fight.

I’ve got the same thought process as him, I want someone who is ranked above me. He tried to call me out on Twitter, tried to call my bluff. I let him rabbit on, making him think he was bigger than what he was. I let him know it wasn’t his time though, not today mate, not just yet.”

It would appear Jack Grant is no longer chasing a fight with Mousah on account of him being matched up to fight Perry Goodwin in October when Cage Warriors return to the Echo Arena in Liverpool. But it appears that even Grant’s opponent is keen to get his 4oz gloves on ‘The Danger’ a point he is keen to address. “Goodwin is a friend of Lewis Monarch and he’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder because of the fight between me and Lewis and he had something to say separately about me or whatever. Something like Alex Enlund will win the fight and if I want a fight after Alex then he’ll be waiting. Jack calling me out, Goodwin calling me out, it’s nothing personal but I’m on a different path, I’m on bigger path than them. I want guys who are more recognised in the game.”

Mousah’s team mate, Brendan Loughnane, was involved with what seems to be a reoccurring online exchange with Paddy Pimblet as to when the two will fight. In a surprising development that somewhat distinguishes this recent exchange to all others was Kane Mousah’s invitation to Pimblett to spar with him at ‘All Powers’ his spiritual training ground. “The offer was there for me personally I would happy to get a spar on with Paddy. But who knows in the future Paddy could be a possible opponent so there is no point in me and Paddy sparring. Paddy coming in to spar with me now would have been strictly for me to benefit from it and we didn’t need him. We are possibly going to fight in the future there is no point creating familiarity when there is a possibility that we’ll end up punching each other in the head at some point.

With rumours of Pimblett coming towards the end of his Cage Warriors contract and with suggestions that Mousah’s friend and training partner Brendan Loughnane could finally meet the Liverpudlian in the cage Kane is emphatic when asked how he sees a fight playing out should the fight ever be staged at a future ACB event. “Brendan has just come off one of the most gruelling fights with one of the strongest lightweights on the planet and he wasn’t able to keep Brendan down and you saw what Brendan did to him on the feet. So I have to ask…Paddy where do you think you are going to win the fight? Your striking is nowhere near half as good as Brendan’s so you’re going to lose that fight top and bottom. If that fight does ever happen it’s going to be a bad night for Paddy Pimblett.”

ACB goes down on September 23 at the Sheffield arena. Tickets are available now.

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