Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan “Aldo looks nervous as f–k”

Joe Rogan may have received some flack for the in ring interview he conducted with Jose Aldo at #UFC194 but more interesting than that is the audio which has been revealed of him and some of the show producers discussing Aldo before the bout.

In the audio below you can hear Rogan and a few producers discussing Aldo as Bruce Buffer was announcing the bout and as you can hear in the below, Rogan could sense something wasn’t quite right with Aldo;

#WHOATV have listened to the above taping and could make out the following conversation between Rogan and some of the producers of the show;

Rogan: Look how smooth his body looks.
Producer: Yeah, he looks good, huh Joe?
Rogan: No, he looks soft.
Producer : Oh he does?
Rogan: Yeah, he looks soft.
Producer : I agree Joe, I agree.
Producer : Around the middle you’re saying?
Producer : Yep, yep, he looks soft.
Rogan: He looks deflated.
Producer : He looks soft, actually. You’re right.
Rogan: He looks way different. But it could be that he’s done a lot of cardio. Don’t want to jump to conclusions.
Producer: Who do you like Joe?
Rogan: Right now? I think I like Conor.
Producer : Same here.
Rogan: Aldo looks nervous as fuck too.

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