Joe Riggs, from near death to Octagon return

At just 32-years-old Joe ‘Diesel’ Riggs (40-14, 1 NC) has had a journey through MMA like no other. He started fighting professional in 2001 and made his UFC debut in 2004. After going 4-4 in the promotion the two parted company and Riggs found himself competing in Strikeforce before going into MMA obscurity.

Then in 2013 he took part in Bellator’s first and only attempt of a TUF-like reality TV show called Fight Master. After 5 wins he was crowned the champ and instead of staying with Bellator the UFC surprisingly swooped in an snapped up the veteran. He was expected to make his return to the Octagon earlier this year but an accidental gun discharge left Riggs hospitalized. Now over 3 months later he will step back into the UFC nearly 8 years to the day since his last appearance.

Below is an interview with AXS TV detailing the gun shot.

Here are some of the pictures of his hand from after the gunshot.

joe riggs hand 1

joe riggs hand

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