IRS after Royce Gracie for tax underpayment

It appears that Ken Shamrock won’t be the only challenge that MMA legend Royce Gracie will have to face in 2016.

The United States IRS (Internal Revenue Service) are investigating the 49 year old in relation to tax underpayments, as reported by Paul Gift from The full article can be found here .

The claims from the IRS date back to a period between 2007-2012 in which, if the IRS are correct, the Gracie’s paid very little in taxes and had a lot of money offshore in bank accounts.

Royce Gracie has not competed inside a cage since 2007 and it seems that whilst the above allegations are yet to be proved in court as at the time of this article, Gracie is keen to cash in on any opportunities that present themselves for him.

Gracie is scheduled to fight Ken Shamrock at Bellator 149 on 19th February 2016.

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